About The Journal

Sanchar Sarokar is an All-new scholarly initiative to promote communication research in India. The platform will cater all the scholars who would like to present their paper on any matter relevant to nation building, social justice, Positive aspect of India’s civil society, culture, tradition and national integration through various dialogue etc. In Sanchar Sarokar, we will give the scholar its full intellectual freedom to work on his/her own work. We are here to accept and respect the scholars’ opinion however the work should be totally of their own with no plagiarism in it. Rest assured we will ensure that work done by scholars will be given the right platform to express his/her opinion.

As traditional communication media is experiencing a positive climate in India, bucking the global trend of decline, the country has become a best platform to test communication theories. Though research is practised with most seriousness in India, the volume of published work is comparatively a notch under. To fill this gap, the Journal of Media and Communication intends to publish and promote communication research activities in India. Apart from publishing, the media research group also shows interest in undertaking surveys and media research for independent groups and government and private organizations. It is also a move to publicise Indian communication research in the world stage.