Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

1. Research paper should be in proper research format including Abstract, Objective of study, Hypothesis, Review of literature, Result and Reference.

2. The submission should consists cover file and a separate manuscript file.

3. The cover file should include the manuscript title, author(s), affiliation, each author’s contact information and e-mail address, etc.

4. Paper should be in 4000 – 8000 words.

5. Submissions should be sent as mail attachments in MS Word format accompanied by a cover letter to us on

6. The author has to send an undertaking with paper that is his original work and has not been sent for publication elsewhere.

7. All submissions to the journal are initially reviewed by the Editorial team. At this stage, the manuscript may be rejected without peer review if it is felt that it is not up to the mark or not relevant to the journal.

8. Priority will be given to research work related to the central government’s social welfare policies.